Tuesday, May 3, 2016

My Mission Statement

Welcome to my brand new blog endeavor. I figured it probably would not hurt to take a moment to say why I felt like the world would need yet another Paleo food blog. I suppose in this case it comes down to the age old saying, "What about the children!?!"

I practically live on Pinterest. Anyone who ventures to see my profile would see I have very diverse interests and am not always true to Paleo (definitely don't think I am a fail-proof Paleo goddess, no matter what I say later!) but I have been having issues with wanting better health for myself and my family. Lately it has been more about my little dude's health. My six year old is being corralled into the ADHD pile.

Naturally, my first response is to work with the doctors, the teacher and my son's life routine to see if we can't fix this without turning him into a zombie. Part of that is working with his diet to see if eliminating food dyes, chemicals, grains, and perhaps even *sigh* dairy.

I am not sure if anyone has noticed, but trying to find school-safe, stuff-the-little-dino-will-actually-eat, Paleo food isn't very easy to find. A child in my son's class is allergic to all nuts, so as long as they are in the same class, half the recipes I find are for home use only. I need school lunch recipes. ...And I would wager that occasionally, so do others.

So, I present : This Dino Bites - Recipes for your little Dino's lunch that don't bite.

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