Monday, August 29, 2016

Back to School - time for ideas

Back to school... and back to allergy free classrooms

It is that time of year again, and my picky little dude needs to start thinking about lunches he will eat again.  I always find with a picky eater that it is best to actually go through lists of food you would be willing to make for a lunch and have the child say their "yay or nay" to each item.  This isn't about him having some crazy power over us parents, it is all about finding food that doesn't end up being left in the box uneaten at the end of the day while they claim to be starving. 

Here is the current working list for my little dude:

- rolled lunch meats
- egg frittatas
- fruit kebabs (his approved fruits were apple, melon, pinapple, berries, grapes, and kiwi)
- possibly mushrooms in small amounts.
- sesame seeds
- pumpkin seeds
- eggs
- meatballs
- kale chips
- sea snax
- potatoes

Then of course I have my secret list of things I know he will eat if he doesn't think about what is in it, like chocolate avocado pudding.

Let's try not to forget that sometimes children will eat things in fun shapes and colours.  I try and avoid the food colourings but I like to keep egg molds, cookie cutters and sandwich cutters, and food picks with fun stuff on them.  cocktail stirrers with fun colours and shapes can make excellent kebab sticks too.

So, what is your favourite 'go to' foods for paleo, nut-free lunching? 

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